MAXMEYER® coatings has a history of innovation in the area of colour science - and a passion to continue improving. All with the aim to make the painters life easier.

In 1989 the MaxMeyer coatings Research Centre invented the spectrophotometer Delta and Crom and received the silver plate all'Equip'Auto Paris. The Delta and Crom offered a futuristic way for customers to find and select colours.

Today the MaxMeyer coatings RAPIDMATCH® X-5 Spectrophotometer is leading the way in instrument technology. RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer is a new approach to electronic formula retrieval. It combines the industry's only five-angle measuring device with a specially designed workflow software and easy to use operating system.

RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer uses advanced optics to measure vehicle colour from five reflective angles. It then searches the industry's largest and most up-to-date formula database to find the best available match. Each search returns a series of colour variant formulas that are ranked using an innovative 'Match Rating' system with accompanying visual indicators to guide the user.

MaxMeyer coatings will continue to look for new ways to simplify the colour identification process and ensure quality colour matching.