Built on over 30 years of expertise in the Commercial Transport market, the latest borneABF series 1.165.sits in  the Max Meyer tradition of delivering the best in class range of topcoats in acompact and easy to useway.

Our topcoat range has been designed over the concept of binders / basics system, to deliver efficiency through a set of products that are versatile for the different type of solutions; thanks to the completeness of the offer, ABF is a known reference in truck repair segment.

22 toners combined with 2 binders, that's all our customers will need to get to a huge variety of customized solutions for Commercial Vehicle and Fleets.

Medium Solids Topcoat:
Our Medium Solid topcoat for an easier application, for full-relivery types of jobs and customers that are "unrestricted" from legislation.

Ultra High Solids Topcoat:
A PPD compliant Ultra High Solid topcoat offer to provide an extensive and always at the forefront range of colours, thanks to  the close cooperation with the Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers to get the most updated colour database, in a compact solutions.

No frills. Genuinely Max Meyer offers only what our customers need.