It is in the fertile year of 1895 that the Swiss entrepreneur Max Meyer founded in Milan the Colorifico Italiano which will become MaxMeyer factory. At that time the Swiss, French, Germans and Austro-Hungarians living in Milan were particularly active in industry and commerce.

The factory was medium-sized with about 50 employees, based in an area of prolific industrial and artisanal production throughout the nineteenth century. In these years, paints in powder and dispersed in linseed oil began to build up their importance.

Within few years, established horse-drawn carriage makers turned their traditional artisan inventiveness and refined techniques to the motor car. The Max Meyer factory took part of this great adventure; during the 1930 through to the 1980's Max Meyer worked hand in hand with the Italian automotive industry. Fiat and Alfa were leading the world in the design of luxury models and sport cars. Max Meyer supported the industry by developing customised products and finishes from fine enamels to baked enamels that delivered durability and colour.

During the WWII, the repeated bombings damaged the factory so the production was transferred toVia Comasina, the actual site in Milan. The plant was built according to the most modern criteria and equipped with new technologically advanced machinery: Max Meyer was born again in a more developed form, becoming a true chemical industry relying on high technology. It conquered a leading place on the Italian market, also expanding internationally.

From the mid-fifties, Max Meyer was present in the motor car and steel rapidly expanding industries with its nitrocellulose paints specifically produced for bodywork.

At the beginning of the eighties, Max Meyer acquired its biggest competitor in Italy, DUCO and gave life to Max Meyer Duco S.p.A , renown for its comprehensive range of products that met the requirements of quality and simplicity of use. Through years of research and practical application MaxMeyer has accumulated valuable professional know-how at the service of its customers.

Over the last century, MaxMeyer has become a major international refinish industry, keeping true to its original philosophy: to improve the business for its customers, making painter´s life easier by delivering high performance products that are easy to use.

For the future, MaxMeyer products remain the industry benchmark for offering excellent results in a simple and effective way.

In 1997, PPG Industries completed the acquisition of Max Meyer Duco S.p.A, reinforcing PPG's position as a leading European supplier of automotive coatings.